THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021) 

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First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson






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Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
Cierto, la gente le pone artículo, puesto que es fruto del rumor, algo así como el Hombregallogato.
Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
Ojalá este trailer no anuncie un bodrio.
Campbell Spies
Campbell Spies Hace 8 horas
I swear to god in this reboot 3 villains the need to make to be the main are 1:scarecrow he has always been a side he deserves more 2:fire fly and mr freeze firefly has never been in a movie on a show and game and it be cool having the downfall be each other 3:mad hatter teamed up with hush they are both so underrated yet it would be one trippy movie
DJINN Hace 8 horas
Joe Chill: kills martha and thomas wayne Us: (Shocked) You did it you, crazy son of a bitch, you did it! :o
Arish Zeeshan
Arish Zeeshan Hace 8 horas
Andy serkis as alfred pennysworth???wtf
DJINN Hace 8 horas
Bruce Wayne and parents: casually minding their own business.. Fans, Warner Bros., DCEU, Joe Chill: **SON* *OF* *A* *BITCH,* *YOU´RE* *STILL* *ALIVE?!**
Taschip Hace 11 horas
His outfit looks fucking stupid
eleven twelve
eleven twelve Hace 15 horas
' The Dark Teaser '
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez Hace 19 horas
They ruined Batman
Patrick Michaels
Patrick Michaels Hace 23 horas
Looks dumb
Salomon jhefone Neira velasquez
NOOK Hace un día
The helmet looks strange
Buğra Samet
Buğra Samet Hace un día
Ben ıslandım
jose luis venegas
jose luis venegas Hace un día
Vale callampa
Pramod Singh
Pramod Singh Hace un día
I loved Christian bale as batman
Sean Connelly
Sean Connelly Hace un día
Robert Pattinson is to small to be batman, Ben Affleck was to bulky Christian Bale was perfect but I hated that suit, can they just give us Bale in Affleck’s suit but with a smaller bat symbol, thats all i want, can they just give us what we fucking want for once
Random Vlogs
Random Vlogs Hace un día
What I hate about the past Batman movies is the show him Fighting people for once I want to see a movie that shows him as a detective
Fight School
Fight School Hace un día
This is the real batman esvid.info/video/qq6TyXfEy5Nl2nk.html
Coronavirus Hace un día
I come from bats too. Call me bat virus
Yinka Olatunji
Yinka Olatunji Hace 2 días
Why am I watching a Batman trailer when there’s a Coronavirus that are from bats
michial harris
michial harris Hace 2 días
The music
Stretch Smith
Stretch Smith Hace 2 días
When your fully immune to covid 19
CJ HUMALA Hace 2 días
Don't know why we're complaining about the suit. We're all still gonna watch the movie because well y'know...he's batman.
Naaji Hace 2 días
You might want to change the title to 2022
The Dreamer
The Dreamer Hace 2 días
I'm the only one who thinks this Batman has the perfect physique? - Prominent chin - Dark and dark look - Athletic - Whatever we want to say, charismatic - Sober To all those who disgust it because it is said to be too thin, you have a short memory ... Michael Keaton was not Schwarzy and yet many of us consider him a very good Batman ... If you are based on comic's or cartoons ah bah there necessarily! we can make the same reproach to all the actors who camped a superhero ... It will never be proportioned the same because it is humanly almost impossible, the superheroes having their own proportions: https: // i.pinimg.com/originals/f0/06/9c/f0069c5b9aa7bc7b437d977af0bee7d0.jpg Indeed, they are all based on an almost unattainable ideal, in graphic art, we call it "the 8 head cannon" we estimate a normal body with 7 heads while the superheroes being naturally disproportionate in size, in width d 'shoulder and muscle mass, we attribute this canon. Quote me a single actor having interpreted Batman or another superhero corresponding perfectly to this ideal? But I believe that the truth is elsewhere, Pattinson always played in shit films just good to tease the virgin ... And? Must that make him a bad actor? There obviously he will go out of his register which is very good and who knows, that will get him maybe the consecration! I was reluctant to the idea of ​​a reboot, but there, given the atmosphere that is presented to us, I totally agree
Doey453 Hace 2 días
Thomas and Martha Wayne: “how many times do we have to die?” Directors: *yes*
g mac
g mac Hace 2 días
Batman Hush is a love story (movie review) esvid.info/video/rJqem43Oy6ugmaM.html
Randall Silver
Randall Silver Hace 2 días
This teaser and music are just as boring as the *ahem*... "actor."
mohamed marzouk
mohamed marzouk Hace 2 días
Christian bale is the one and only !
James Leahy
James Leahy Hace 3 días
Please just be delayed don’t DO this to us Warner Bros
w and h productions
w and h productions Hace 3 días
Bring back affleck
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Hace 3 días
Batman is immune to Corona virus
John Jones
John Jones Hace 4 días
Something is going to happen in Wonder Woman 1984 that alters the whole time line. Maybe only Martha dies and Thomas Wayne is a looming figure in the Batman movie. They need to do something to shake up the origin.
Efe Altunbayrak
Efe Altunbayrak Hace 4 días
you must watch joker before this film because they are connected each other films
Human Being
Human Being Hace 4 días
This bat suit is a heavy nod to the 60's blue batman suit. Not bad.😲👍 What's Robert Pattinson doin in it?😫👎
Pranav More
Pranav More Hace 4 días
As a man I'm flesh and blood and can be ignored. But as a symbol I'm incorruptible. - Bruce Wayne
Gaby Rods
Gaby Rods Hace 4 días
Me da miedo escuchar la canción pero a la vez me gusta 🧐
bob saget
bob saget Hace 4 días
Im very aware its the actor from twilight dress up as batman
kishore jb
kishore jb Hace 4 días
Backscore is negative vibes ! And cool can’t get enough of it
Peppa Puff
Peppa Puff Hace 4 días
i wonder who's gonna be the killer of his parents THIS time.
Tanya Baldonado
Tanya Baldonado Hace 4 días
Theo James would’ve been so much better choice than Robert !
Nicholas Hace 5 días
Batman spread the corona virus, I will never look at him the same way again.
Rahul Bohara
Rahul Bohara Hace 5 días
Hate the mask
Malik Reyes
Malik Reyes Hace 5 días
This song i have it on a loop
Ethan Barnett
Ethan Barnett Hace 5 días
Batman has been portrayed a number of ways so I'm totally on board with something new
Ethan Barnett
Ethan Barnett Hace 4 días
@TheLuigifan8881 IMO there hasn't been a true permanent Batman. Robert Downey Jr. was the permanent Iron Man, Hugh Jackman was the permanent Wolverine, etc. Christian Bale was the only Batman to finish a trilogy. I wish Ben Affleck would've been the permenat Batman for the DCEU but alas they keep rebooting him
TheLuigifan8881 Hace 4 días
Positive. I like positive.
knotkool1 Hace 5 días
dc movies just suck. why do they now have such a hard time getting decent actors to play batman. bale was bad, a fleck was horrid, an wimpinson is just useless. they all make Michael Keaton look good
Craig The Llama
Craig The Llama Hace 5 días
After watching the HISHE version of this all i hear is Beacuse im batman
Sheikh Shahrose Uddin Danish
You still have a time to replace the Bruce Wayne
Anthony Gonzales
Anthony Gonzales Hace 6 días
Batman looks like Robocop smh lol and hes wearing hocky pads? Wth is this???
InasneLIFEHACK Hace 6 días
Batman must be dead he have cornoavirus
Venom0us Hace 6 días
What song is that its awesome
baba ganoush
baba ganoush Hace 6 días
Batman will cure the corona virus
KrustyzKrab Hace 6 días
But how radical would it be if they were to use the Batman 1989 theme song for an opening. Just saying.
thrashntrash 1
thrashntrash 1 Hace 6 días
Does this remind anyone of daredevil, not the shitty ass movie but the TV show.
Pan Pan
Pan Pan Hace 6 días
i have been watching fan mad of batman beyond live action movie trailer and now i want to see a live action batman beyond movie
Nightmarish Hace 7 días
This was the biggest spoiler in a trailer I've ever seen! 😭
BS Like Pro
BS Like Pro Hace 7 días
Frank castle WZ
Frank castle WZ Hace 7 días
This guy is menacing full of decease dats way he would never cover his mouth............sound like coughing
KlueZ Hace 7 días
who else thinks the suit could be better...
sils zimmer
sils zimmer Hace 7 días
Oh yes finally we see the Batman story that has newer been told. Oh wait i forgot Batman Begins. Just stop DC.
gummi hauls
gummi hauls Hace 8 días
Adam West Batman for sure
us real
us real Hace 8 días
Batman : The Soup
Henry Villarreal
Henry Villarreal Hace 8 días
Might As Well Just Play A Black Screen Video. Where Is Batman!?... I Don't See Him!!! Well They Call Him The Dark Knight For A Reason.
flin Rider
flin Rider Hace 8 días
Bruce's parents walk in the alley Killer: (loads gun)ah shit,here we go again
Dismacle Hace 8 días
You know Batman’s parents already died in the joker so be relieved about that
Four Horsemen Mechanix
Are these movies going to be connected? Or are they completely separate?
Amaan Ali
Amaan Ali Hace 9 días
Thomas and Martha: aw shit here we go again.
xristos Mirwnitis
xristos Mirwnitis Hace 9 días
Buttman begins😂😂
Sichael Mcott
Sichael Mcott Hace 9 días
Is that theme song out yet? I’m tryna feel like Batman when I work out dawg!!
Jagar Tharn
Jagar Tharn Hace 9 días
You're all the fucking same lol This comment section is cancer. I hope you all get covid 19
Noviex_0 Hace 9 días
I’m pretty sure this could be a part 2 to the joker movie bascially Batman getting his revenge 🤷‍♂️
Noviex_0 Hace 6 días
lucky ME yea
lucky ME
lucky ME Hace 6 días
probably a trilogy
Giovanny Marrero
Giovanny Marrero Hace 9 días
Wow this trailer is so amazing!!!!
Garfieldchan41 Hace 9 días
fuck batman
4THEOS 4ever
4THEOS 4ever Hace 9 días
Lewis G. Wilson: "I'm Batman." Robert Lowery: "I'm Batman." Adam West: "I'm Batman." Michael Keaton: "I'm Batman." Val Kilmer: "I'm Batman." George Clooney: "I'm Batman." Christian Bale: "I'm Batman." Will Arnett: "I'm Batman." Ben Affleck: ... And Pattinson's iconic Batman quote...? Robert Pattinson: "I'm THE Batman."
Александр Микилев
Christian Bale is the best batman
Gabe Selden
Gabe Selden Hace un día
Actually Kilmer said, “You see I’m both Bruce Wayne and Batman, not because I have to be, now, because I choose to be” to Riddler
4THEOS 4ever
4THEOS 4ever Hace un día
@The Mad Titan Yep...
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace un día
I just realized Ben Affleck never said "I'm Batman" throughout the 3 movies he's been in. It's a shame we will probably never get to her him say it with his voice modulator.
4THEOS 4ever
4THEOS 4ever Hace 9 días
This looks like the Batman: Arkham Knight suit!!!!
Titus Tius
Titus Tius Hace 9 días
Batman doesn't need a universe cause Batman itself is a universe
Bat Men
Bat Men Hace 9 días
Ellen Show
David Daley
David Daley Hace 9 días
Well he was a vampire so eventually he had to turn into Bat
Aleksandar Davidovic
Aleksandar Davidovic Hace 10 días
To me The Dark Knight trilogy is the best. I don't care how many versions there are. If I had to choose one version it would be that one.
Evangelus Hace 10 días
love that music. looking forward to hearing a longer version of it
aisa malek mohammadi
aisa malek mohammadi Hace 10 días
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