PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump" 

Lucas and Marcus
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This was SO FUNNY!
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PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"






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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus Hace 4 días
GO LISTEN TO OUR NEW SONG ON SPOTIFY! open.spotify.com/track/429k38tTAHEXrAYZRvvxYA?si=v8ea4vXsTpiG28mAn70QNA
Jakobi Lee
Jakobi Lee Hace 3 días
Noooooo don’t delete it I love it
Andrea Huffman
Andrea Huffman Hace 3 días
I have never got a give away
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
Hope one of you catch the virus
Sandra Jimenez
Sandra Jimenez Hace 3 días
Lucas and Marcus 👑👑👑👑👑👍👍
XANDER GÄMÏÑG Hace 18 minutos
My phone is crack and I don't have money
XANDER GÄMÏÑG Hace 19 minutos
Xander andrie r ctacutan leaving in the Philippines at Mindanao Davao city
Vj Vergel Fuentes
Vj Vergel Fuentes Hace 22 minutos
"Done" I hope I win our giveaway because I've been participating in good luck to everyone Ig: @vj_fuentes07
Sasa Dubak
Sasa Dubak Hace 24 minutos
vRekt Hace 24 minutos
"Iphonr entry" "Done" Why: beacuse i have a cracked samsung j3 prime Instagram:@florjanhoxhiq
jevanmgorgeous Hace 25 minutos
"IPHONE ENTRY" "DONE" WHY: I will be greatful to have this new technology to change and have huge impact to the homeless children. I will use it to access any educational resources for the homeless so that I can teach and educate them properly. By this material, It will capture the beauty of the faces of the children and their beautiful smile. You and I can make impact, uplift others, and can help others. Stay safe and take care. God Bless you. 😇😊 IG: @jevanmgorgeous
ricky dejuan
ricky dejuan Hace 27 minutos
Done i really need to phone because my phone is broken and i don't have a money to buy another phone😭 Form Philippines 🇵🇭
Hamed Nazari
Hamed Nazari Hace 28 minutos
Big fan I watch your every videos and gives you likes and i like your videos too.😍
Bikerdude 4
Bikerdude 4 Hace 28 minutos
PFG hanibalkookiboy
PFG hanibalkookiboy Hace 31 un minuto
Hairah Yusef
Hairah Yusef Hace 31 un minuto
Hi iphone 😂
Charmaine Hace 33 minutos
Iphone 11 I'm from philippines and i like very muxch your'e videos😍Waiting to come visit here☺Please pick me for your giveaways, ive join many giveaways but my name never pick😩I want to vlog but my cameras phone is low quality and cant afford to buy a new one so i'm expecting giveaways to vloggers like youre's🙏🇵🇭😩❤
Dero Moodley
Dero Moodley Hace 34 minutos
Supermatt gamer21
Supermatt gamer21 Hace 34 minutos
Supermatt gamer21
purity mureithi
purity mureithi Hace 35 minutos
I love dobre
Tiana Steadman
Tiana Steadman Hace 37 minutos
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: Because I would really like a new phone
Scally Wag
Scally Wag Hace 39 minutos
Joshua Alvarez
Joshua Alvarez Hace 41 un minuto
"done" "iphone entry" "i want that iphone 11 beacause my favorite things to do is makeuo and i haven't good camera or cellphone to picture my art makeup and this is my first time to use an iphone"i hope you pick me thankyou and godbless!❤
Mufas black
Mufas black Hace 45 minutos
comedy vines
comedy vines Hace 51 un minuto
Tyrone Lim
Tyrone Lim Hace 52 minutos
Your song is really good
Catalino Romano
Catalino Romano Hace 52 minutos
"DONE" "IPHONE" WHY: I'm ur super fans and my son all ur videos like... Form home to the phillipines..
Dharmil Shah
Dharmil Shah Hace 53 minutos
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why- I am a true fan of urs
Lara Burnet
Lara Burnet Hace 53 minutos
Hi can I get it
Keeshah lee
Keeshah lee Hace 54 minutos
‘’iPhone entry’’ ‘’Done’’ ‘’My phone is really broken’’
Shardul Singh
Shardul Singh Hace 54 minutos
"I phone entry " done why I want I phone actually I don't want it for me I want it for my Lil brother as he can't play pubgmobile competeive in his phone and remains upset all the time 😣
Papaz Productions
Papaz Productions Hace 57 minutos
Cupcake Time
Cupcake Time Hace 58 minutos
Papaz Productions
Papaz Productions Hace 58 minutos
Nicola 123
Nicola 123 Hace un hora
“ iPhone entry” “Done” Why because I currently have a iPhone 5 and I really need a new one to study but my mum can’t afford a new phone or laptop at the moment so please can I have the new iPhone as I really need it 🙂
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma Hace un hora
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma Hace un hora
Svishal05 my intsa id
Alesandro Mikhael
Alesandro Mikhael Hace un hora
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why:because my current phone is been with me for 4 years now it's cracked doesn't works properly and it doesn't have a great camera not saying I'm not grateful but it would be nice to have a quality phone for once Instagram:alesandrotigoi And YOU'RE SONG IS LIT!!!!!
Pitbullmoz GG
Pitbullmoz GG Hace un hora
@anjo.guilherme I want the iPhone please I would be happy if you just DM me on Instagram
Anne R.
Anne R. Hace un hora
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I never had an iPhone 'cause it's too expensive and the price is going to be my tutiton fee when I'm going to enter college.
Assasin__SK Hace un hora
Insta ig :@assasin_sk
Assasin__SK Hace un hora
Seshnie Naidoo
Seshnie Naidoo Hace un hora
Instagram : @, dharshan8305
music moods
music moods Hace un hora
Iphone entry DONE Why i have a Huawei and my phone doesn't work good anymore. 💕
Vaishali Ghuge
Vaishali Ghuge Hace un hora
I phone entry Done @@@#$$₩£€ Because : my Android phone is cracked.and I never used iphone thank you lucas and marcus
Rebekah Fulwood
Rebekah Fulwood Hace un hora
I like it
Ken Pinto
Ken Pinto Hace un hora
Instagram : 1ken6
Aizel Arne
Aizel Arne Hace un hora
“Iphone entry” “Done” Why- my birthday is next week and I’m hoping to have a phone like this. I don’t want to ask my parents because they have more important stuff to buy 😞
Firdausra -
Firdausra - Hace un hora
"Done" "Iphone entry" WHY? Im a young person with no money to buy it...just dream it...i never never and ever to get it.👌✊
Jamiah Rigbg
Jamiah Rigbg Hace un hora
Steffi Florence
Steffi Florence Hace un hora
iPhone entry Done Reason : i know this is fake 🤣 lol
Hamdi Adiong
Hamdi Adiong Hace un hora
I love u pls give me a phone.
Ma Gy
Ma Gy Hace un hora
Iphone entery: done Why: i dont have money for iphone i was having android forever My instagram name: cuftichh
Sneh Mishra
Sneh Mishra Hace un hora
My insta id is @snehkumar558
Jordan Coffmon
Jordan Coffmon Hace un hora
Ok y'all are the best in I'm trying to win a I phone please ILY guys
clarisse mae palacpac
"Done" Iphone Entry Why: I just want to give it to my mom because her phone was already broken. I hope i win so that i can surprise her🤗 God Blessed to the both of you!!! Stay safe!
justine Louise
justine Louise Hace un hora
"Done" "Iphone Entry" Why: i've never used iphone, i always wanted to have an iphone and so that i could give my old phone to my dad
Titah Qoro
Titah Qoro Hace un hora
Ig: @atiates_x
Tesni Burrows
Tesni Burrows Hace un hora
"DONE" "iPhone entry" Why: Because I have a android and I can't do my school stuff because it very laffy and I have had this phone for nearly over 2 years and my family is struggling a little bit on money and Covid makes it WORSE!
Tesni Burrows
Tesni Burrows Hace un hora
@tesniburrows17 is my insta
panda Hdtv
panda Hdtv Hace un hora
Love you
محمد سعيد
محمد سعيد Hace un hora
My won its_moan
AnaPlaysRobloxx Hace un hora
I really liked the music video P.S my @ is @_bitch_I'm_queer_
Abie Valenzona
Abie Valenzona Hace un hora
Plsssssss notice meeeeee🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤
Abie Valenzona
Abie Valenzona Hace un hora
Plssssssss notice
Piret Pallas
Piret Pallas Hace un hora
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah Hace un hora
Joan Bandola
Joan Bandola Hace un hora
i already subscribe to your channel 💕 “DONE” hoping you will choose me I really love you music videos ❤️
Stanley Huen
Stanley Huen Hace un hora
Hey guys I heard about the iPhone 11so can i have it my sister got the iPhone 11pro and she teases me I live in Townsville in Australia mount low
Balasaheb Ghuge
Balasaheb Ghuge Hace un hora
I phone entry Done @@@@@ Because : my Android phone is not working properly .and I never use I phone thank you lucas Marcus
Windy Rago
Windy Rago Hace un hora
Dominic sunkov
Dominic sunkov Hace 2 horas
iPhone entry Done Why: because my mom has a old Phone and doesnt have the money to buď a new one.
lil XX-Xtreme
lil XX-Xtreme Hace 2 horas
as I’ve said Lil pump was the only good thing about it
Jm Magpily
Jm Magpily Hace 2 horas
"iphone entry" "Done" Why: just i want iphone for the better picture and lot of space for app
Ashley Nics
Ashley Nics Hace 2 horas
"IPHONE ENTRY" "DONE" WHY: Just wanna share that my phone was stolen 3 times and right now I'm just using my sister's phone while she's asleep. It's not that I'm careless it's just that when you trust too much of that person or even a stranger because you're just trying to be nice or help them then they will do something at your back. Sometimes, we take things for granted on a daily basis, always with the assumption that whenever we need something it will be there. So I'm just here enjoying the little things in life and thankful for my family esp. my sister for allowing me using her phone, hahahaha this is a true gift and one that should be cherished at all times. Anyways, I'm just here taking my chances. Who knows right? Just wishing everyone a luck. Lovelots. Keep safe Love you !! Lucas and Marcus !! Stay safe and to your family😍😘
Da' Kengkoys
Da' Kengkoys Hace 2 horas
@kcjane.03 in instagram.. "Iphone entry" For education
Taylor Hird
Taylor Hird Hace 2 horas
(Done) you probably won’t choose me 😩
shohug ahmed
shohug ahmed Hace 2 horas
The music 😍i just told you one think the video is speechless
Ice bear
Ice bear Hace 2 horas
Love u guys
Σάββας Βογιατζής
Done Iphone entry Because i want it so much especially the red one ❤️😂
Steve Dindayal
Steve Dindayal Hace 2 horas
Steve wayne dindayal
Abhi Techy
Abhi Techy Hace 2 horas
Well done boys
Abhi Techy
Abhi Techy Hace 2 horas
Yásser Rajá WK
Yásser Rajá WK Hace 2 horas
I respect all of you but bro that music it’s not good
nawwa killer
nawwa killer Hace 2 horas
"Iphone entry" "Done" I like 11
Ana Mena - Sin Aire
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