BATMAN First Look Breakdown! Camera Test Suit Reveal Easter Eggs! 

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The Batman (2021) revealed Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit in test footage! Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet:
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Pattinson Batman teaser revealed! What secrets are hidden in the suit design of The Batman, Matt Reeves Batman solo film coming in 2021? Erik Voss breaks down this limited footage frame by frame for clues in the new Batsuit, the cowl, the Batman emblem redesign, the lighting, and music. Could this Batman new look point to a Batman Arkham movie? How will this movie's plot tie together Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin? Will the Robert Pattinson Batman be a murderer... or something even worse?
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Dallas Anderson
Jake Storm
Kelly Hopper
Matthew Salvas
Miguel Mendoza
Pony Stark
Samuel Morse
Todd Slawsby
Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editor: Josh Hurd






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New Rockstars
New Rockstars Hace un mes
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Packleader 225
Packleader 225 Hace un mes
You guys are required to call him Robbat Battinbat from now on
Lil Dagger
Lil Dagger Hace un mes
Can he move his neck?
Mark Mondia
Mark Mondia Hace un mes
I like this Batman. I just hope he don’t sparkles when the sun hits him hehehehe
Neon P Lotus
Neon P Lotus Hace un mes
The chest piece is not a gun. Those are knives.
Corey Langham
Corey Langham Hace un mes
Batman apparently has no muscle mass and a tiny head
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Hace 2 días
Birds of Prey was a complete flop 😂
Andrew Downie
Andrew Downie Hace 20 días
Oh boy!!! really pray Chris Nolan would just come back and save dc comics again
Nice Hace 27 días
I think Christian Bale was perfect
Terminus Coagule
Terminus Coagule Hace 29 días
The mask looks derpy to me for some reason.. think it's the enlarged eye sockets and portruding brow ridge.. idk.. sounds like too many villians for a noir film.. i just can't get over how derpy batman looks... kinda reminds me of night owl from the watchmen. But more derpy..
red_egale_29 bro
red_egale_29 bro Hace un mes
Devil eyes
spin spinner spinner idiot stupid
Batman is still in my life
Happi Mabi
Happi Mabi Hace un mes
lol I saw a comment that said The Batman: teaser released Looper: 100 things you missed in The Batman teaser XD
Wayne Walker
Wayne Walker Hace un mes
This suit sucks ass.
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb Hace un mes
Aight I’m gonna say it… not a fan of the cast.
Daniel Todd
Daniel Todd Hace un mes
Christian Bale was my fav Batman
Carter Phillips
Carter Phillips Hace un mes
I kinda wish john barrowman would be batman
Kaksy 05
Kaksy 05 Hace un mes
Christian bale is the best Batman ever
Marla Wilcox
Marla Wilcox Hace un mes
To be honest the red lighting in the test footage gives more a daredevil vibe than a batman one
Doublin Tucksveto
Doublin Tucksveto Hace un mes
I would say the mask is a little odd but I like the suit.
Dalonte Keemer
Dalonte Keemer Hace un mes
Lol daredevil Batman
Garrett Peitz
Garrett Peitz Hace un mes
Imagine the end credits scene to feature jouquin pheonix's joker 😱
Dark Knight Light
Dark Knight Light Hace un mes
The cowl does not fit the face. In my opinion.
Dom Ferro
Dom Ferro Hace un mes
Utter garbage suit
matej lozanovski
matej lozanovski Hace un mes
No gunnnn!!!!!
Ninja pancakes 664
Ninja pancakes 664 Hace un mes
Wouldn’t it be better if it was a season 4 daredevil
Randall Greynolds
Randall Greynolds Hace un mes
I'm excited the look is awesome
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Hace un mes
Bitchman cosplay
Victor Kunchev
Victor Kunchev Hace un mes
So, is this part of the DCEU or not?
Peco Wainwright
Peco Wainwright Hace un mes
I'm just here to say That I want to see Static Shock.
MrSlipperHat Hace un mes
callin it now, its Batman Beyond
AJexxan Hace un mes
Why is Jim Gordon black
Paul Lungaro
Paul Lungaro Hace un mes
I’m already disappointed
Matt Madill
Matt Madill Hace un mes
It looks like a copy of the mgs v mod.
CrownedRNB Hace un mes
All I want is a Batman that looks like the comic and cartoons. No armoured suit, simple design, a normal frikken bat symbol and white eyes... if dead pool can have the comic white eyes I’m sure batman can, I’m sick of seeing eye makeup.
Draconian's Lair
Draconian's Lair Hace un mes
anybody notice it looks lil bit like the arkham knight batsuit from the game
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Hace un mes
Im seeing characters who's race has been changed. Some white people about to be big mad. Lol
Jin Sensei
Jin Sensei Hace un mes
The movie might be an early adaptation of Batman. Batman Year One / 25 years old .
Fauzi Agzal
Fauzi Agzal Hace un mes
Nano tech suit.. make it by Tony Stark.
butterball 27
butterball 27 Hace un mes
The ridge might be light and strong but it's easy to lose
Nintendo Academy
Nintendo Academy Hace un mes
I like the previous dc movies, but I think this is what they should have done from the beginning.
Queen Turner
Queen Turner Hace un mes
Parker Jackson
Parker Jackson Hace un mes
Is there no joker?
BAT-TALK! Hace un mes
I was hoping itd be a Batman movie where BATMAN goes and fights darkseid with the yellow lantern ring
YakBat Hace un mes
Why do they insist on having his eyes visible. It's 2020, give me a proper Batcowl for F's sake.
Hello I'm bob
Hello I'm bob Hace un mes
I feel like this should be apart of the timeline with the joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix
Roderick Turner
Roderick Turner Hace un mes
It is Daredevil Batman....lol
Juan Arasa
Juan Arasa Hace un mes
His head looks like a lightbulb.
Cole B
Cole B Hace un mes
I think they should of hired someone else for batman
Cole B
Cole B Hace un mes
I think they should of hired someone else for batman
FLO Hace 2 días
Cole B
Cole B Hace un mes
They should of got a good actor to play Batman
Morgan Poche
Morgan Poche Hace un mes
personally when i look at the cowl i see the 66 batman cowl
shiningmyduggy Hace un mes
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> almost as poetic as tattooing "damaged" on your forehead. Comic gods be with us 🙄
Outdoor Dad
Outdoor Dad Hace un mes
Sorry, not going to waste my money on a $80 wallet when you can get the same thing for like $10 on Amazon.
J.G. Films
J.G. Films Hace un mes
i dont like the cowl hope they make it better forreal pleaseeeeeeeee
Daniella Bondar
Daniella Bondar Hace un mes
It was so hard to get a good look at the Batman in the darkness, but I think Battinson could rise to the occasion.
Anthony Vazquez
Anthony Vazquez Hace un mes
I like batfleck better
FLO Hace 2 días
You saw the movie ? No , a look of a character dosen't mean that the movie will be good or bad , It's here to tell a story, a realistic story , of a year 2 Batman that didn't really fight any supervillain ! A suit is not here to just look cool it needs to tell a story.
Jamel Holoman
Jamel Holoman Hace un mes
Bennett Bushey-Tracy
I really hope give Clayface some love in this, he would definitely be great for a more criminal investigation based story
Tone Desh
Tone Desh Hace un mes
I believe this movie will be very Long Halloween-ish...
Lachlan Stocks
Lachlan Stocks Hace un mes
Robert Batinson
megazwatcher Hace un mes
i'm trying to give it a chance but this all looks like crap
Neil Lolmaugh
Neil Lolmaugh Hace un mes
I would like to like this. But I have zero faith in DC/WB. They have shit the bed WAY to many times now for me to care. Their whole "Universe" already just needs to be rebooted and done right. But I'm sure this will somehow just be the same as before. Hopefully they keep Snyder away from anything they do from now on.
trevnevit123 Hace un mes
Just saying, but if this Batman stays in the DCEU, and you’ve got Flashpoint still going ahead, Ben Affleck should totally be Arthur Wayne as Batman.
❤ProjectTreice Hace un mes
I am still not sure that I like any of it! But I will reserved my judgment until I see the movie. However, if the trailer is trash...I'm break the rules.
Lightly Smoked Avocado
Andy serkis as Alfred is the best news I've heard so far this year
Trump's Neck Vagina
He needs to put on some wight, but im excited for Rober Batinson.
Leonard Dement
Leonard Dement Hace un mes
Year two of batman's career he should be around 27 or 28. He came back to gotham at 26 in year one. Debut of batman came February next year so he was 27 then. Year two he should be 28.
Nick Atkinson
Nick Atkinson Hace un mes
gonna take a lot of work to get from a handgun to that emblem. the only part that looks even remotely like any kind of firearm is the top of the left wing, that looks slightly like a hammer. other than that, if it is supposed to be a gun, maybe the costume designers need to learn a little bit about actual firearms before the final version of the suit is made for the movie.
Nick Atkinson
Nick Atkinson Hace un mes
also, the term used in this video "the split shaft of a gun", literally means nothing. there is no piece of a handgun, or any gun for that matter, called a "shaft". do you mean a barrel? if so, that emblem looks nothing like a barrel. do you mean a frame? doesn't look anything like a frame would if it was split in half. do you mean a slide? doesn't look anything like that either.....get the drift?
Leonard Dement
Leonard Dement Hace un mes
Well dc has been ruining some of their movies with previews. Birds of prey we are looking at you.
Grand Theft Addict
Grand Theft Addict Hace un mes
The “baterang” on his chest looks like a grappling hook to me
spidy one
spidy one Hace un mes
how much money youtube send you after getting 1000000 view
Ghost Hace un mes
Alvin REDDELTA Hace un mes
first cosplay batman going to event LOL
BubbaDa Killa
BubbaDa Killa Hace un mes
Imagine Joaquin Phoenix with Patterson
PvP Hace un mes
You should’ve noted that the armor kinda looks like Batman from Arkham Knight suit
Wraith Black
Wraith Black Hace un mes
The mask has to go
turn all things to ash
his chin os too narrow
Gerardo Mendez
Gerardo Mendez Hace un mes
That shit is wack l
amos Hace un mes
I really dont want this film in Arkham asylum.
B Money
B Money Hace un mes
Crackhead Batman
Allan Of El Salvador
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a>, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a> gods no!
Th3darklord Hace un mes
can u do stranger things 4 trailer plz
SketchBOOKninja Hace un mes
The caul is from the 60s version Batman
Go Dawgs
Go Dawgs Hace un mes
Don’t care how good of an actor he might be. Ginger vampire will never be Bruce Wayne. Maybe if he doesn’t take the mask of the whole movie it’ll be fine 😂
JOHN BOYAJY Hace un mes
Looks like crap,not liking this bring back Michael Keaton.