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A look at the rare and exclusive Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin that was first made available to the US version of Batman: Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4.
The code for this skin was e-mailed to visitors who attended the PlayStation E3 event in 2015 and given out to players through a Mountain Dew promotion in 2016.
The skin has been released as a free DLC in the new Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition for PS4 in September 2019 (UK and Europe only), and as of January 28, 2020, it's digitally available worldwide on the PlayStation Store.
You can also use the Earth 2 skin on PC in the Epic Games Store version of Arkham Knight, or install it as a mod on Steam.
Download this file:
Extract the folder "DLC" in the main game's directory. This mod includes the Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin, Zur En Arrh Batman Skin, Anime Batman Skin and Joker Batmobile.
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Batman Arkham Videos
The Earth 2 Dark Knight skin is digitally available worldwide on the PlayStation Store. The skin is free to all players who own Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4. PC players can also play with this skin in the Epic Games Store version of Arkham Knight, or install it as a mod on Steam. For the Steam version download this file: www.batman-arkham.com/upload/Batman-Arkham-Knight-Earth-2-Dark-Knight-Skin-and-DLCs.rar Extract the folder "DLC" in the main game's directory. This mod includes the Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin, Zur En Arrh Batman Skin, Anime Batman Skin and Joker Batmobile.
Surfin Turf
Surfin Turf Hace 2 días
You need to start doing the Injustice games for shits, just because your channel is Batman Arkham Videos doesn't mean you have to do Arkham games only, try the other DC games that have batman in them, keep your channel going your a badass.
heartless buckets
heartless buckets Hace 21 un día
Oh you mean to tell me bat skin is plastic
DD Chittick
DD Chittick Hace un mes
Could you do Batman Telltale The Shadow Edition.
Bts Gang
Bts Gang Hace un mes
Batman Arkham Videos why don’t your dumbass never talk?
Julius Jones
Julius Jones Hace un mes
@Batman Arkham Videos U and a whole bunch of arkham channels to make a post to wb games on twitter about bringing back the Zur en arrh skin like they did with the Earth 2 dark knight skin
Jackeline Cano Illanes
Jackeline Cano Illanes Hace 3 minutos
And watchmojo says spidershit ps4 is better than this masterpiece, screw him.
Jassnoor Singh
Jassnoor Singh Hace un día
I came to check if he or she had uploaded anything. Sadly nothing yet ☹️
Zachary Goodwin
Zachary Goodwin Hace 5 días
What about xbox? Can I get it on the xbox one?
ChrisCa1601 Hace 6 días
I didn't even know about this DLC until I recently looked through my PS4 library. Also you can't beat free.
Jerome Bernier
Jerome Bernier Hace 7 días
@batman arkham videos I think I have found a ester egg maybe you already find it but you can see that talia al goul is alive at the morgue (elliot memorial hospital)
John Roberts
John Roberts Hace 8 días
Can i ask s there any news on the justice league 3000 skin
Notorious Hace 8 días
Can some explain to me why it's not on xbox?
RedKoolAid Hace 9 días
I still want that Original Arkham Robin skin. It’ll never happen, but I can hope... oh and a Jason Todd skin would be nice too. I want to be able to unofficially fix the Matter Of Family DLC
Foudregek Hace 10 días
Have you heard? there is going to be a new batman game!
Trunks Hace 11 días
Moojik Boi
Moojik Boi Hace 12 días
I know that this is completely off topic, but Rocksteady should just make a game like Arkham Origins Online.
Jennifer Tieties
Jennifer Tieties Hace 12 días
Can you please do the classic tv series batman
Ryder Hace 16 días
What about Xbox? The next Skin’s gonna be The Batman 2021 or an Injustice Skin
Ludo tha Dog
Ludo tha Dog Hace 17 días
At least we know that they still do things with batman Arkham
Jaime Pallera
Jaime Pallera Hace 20 días
Hey i've comeback after 4 years, i have a question, i remember watching a video that after completing 300% that you get to play characters from menu just press triangle and done but after researching for it in internet and all i can see is how to glitch and free roam? Please enlighten me mr.perfect gameplay man.
Jaime Pallera
Jaime Pallera Hace 20 días
Wow! You're still active!
heartless buckets
heartless buckets Hace 21 un día
Holy shit
heartless buckets
heartless buckets Hace 21 un día
And I ain't got no money I only have Dollar tree money
heartless buckets
heartless buckets Hace 21 un día
I hope you got that costume in mfkn pink purple white olive
Surfin Turf
Surfin Turf Hace 22 días
Imagine if these Arkham games were made after 2016, they would've SUCKED.
IsaYTPro 123
IsaYTPro 123 Hace 25 días
Yo Ezra, this is isa e from norlington school 8s. Is this your channel?
Gotham Knight
Gotham Knight Hace 27 días
Sadly not Xbox
Johny Juanita
Johny Juanita Hace un mes
Without your videos I wouldn't have known of any good story games
Ludo tha Dog
Ludo tha Dog Hace un mes
I'm guessing your running out of ideas I suggest you showcase mods for the Arkham games
TrappyDrillar Hace un mes
This person needs to do a face reveal they been doing this for nearly 10-12 years 😂😂😂
Game PUNISHER Hace un mes
Morgan banefort
Morgan banefort Hace un mes
Awesome video can you give me a link to the music please
Jayden Cooper
Jayden Cooper Hace un mes
Hope You Find Content To Make And Upload
korey vortex
korey vortex Hace un mes
It makes me wanna shead tears for how long your channel has been here u always helped. Me with almost every thing
WettSocks Hace un mes
I never realized how many subscribers you had! Sort of close to a Million! I’ve been with you since the Arkham City (2011) days! Can’t wait for what the future holds😉
jay greeen
jay greeen Hace un mes
Damn thanks got mine
LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999
I just Downloaded this skin thank you so much
Shy Hace un mes
how do i find it on epic games store plz replay i really want it
kemuael Hace un mes
One of the best skins in the game.
DoRiTo Type
DoRiTo Type Hace un mes
Maaan I am a huge fan of batman games and I have played from batman arkham asylum to arkham knight and i wait for a new batman series so muuuuch
흡연 Hace un mes
Sadly I can't find it.. just released 52 skins on 2020 2.10
Tremayn C
Tremayn C Hace un mes
Thanks to for posting this video, I completely forgotten about this last dlc. I wasn’t sure if Rocksteady was really going to release it on the PS Store in 2020 based off their tweet last year. I’m glad they made good on their promise and appreciate it for sharing.
William Boyer
William Boyer Hace un mes
Running out of ideas now that the arkham games are done for now?
Tarooba Qureshi
Tarooba Qureshi Hace un mes
Who wishes thare was a batman game with no riddler tropies
Zangetsu 5000
Zangetsu 5000 Hace un mes
Could you make a video for all arkham game over scenes in one video including the dlc episodes
Tokyo_ghoul1790 Anthony
Is that free
Akadius Hace un mes
I'm getting an error message when I try to open the files. "Can not open file batman-arkham-knightt-earth-2-skin-and-dlcs.rar as archive". Any help? Everything I've found so far says this just means the file is corrupted.
FCERSOSIMO Hace un mes
we need a new batman
I am hadi from pakistan
Your name was zaden
Hadi Jamal
Hadi Jamal Hace un mes
My cannel name is hj gaming buddy
Hadi Jamal
Hadi Jamal Hace un mes
Hello your name is zaden i am hadi from pakistan
Hadi Jamal
Hadi Jamal Hace un mes
Hello your name is zaden i am hadi from pakistan
Andrew Brindley
Andrew Brindley Hace un mes
This suit is badass.
Triton Hace un mes
F to Xbox players
Witline Kris
Witline Kris Hace un mes
is it possible to get skin Batman 3000 on Pc?
樫野零 Hace un mes
The vid you made for this skin is so dramatically awesome
Astro Fly
Astro Fly Hace un mes
I’m glad they still working on this game
Yehia Ashraf
Yehia Ashraf Hace un mes
About the Epic Games store Batman Arkham Knight on PC version there is an issue apparently and it doesn't open can you please make a video about that where you try it and if there's is an issue please include in the video how to fix it. I will greatly appreciate it.
Ok Mr Bruce, let me walk you trough It...
magmagat Hace 2 meses
Do you think that the Arkham origins assasins will be back in new batman game?
Joe Hill
Joe Hill Hace 2 meses
You should play some of the old Batman games you know like the 8bit ones
jonathan herreman
jonathan herreman Hace 2 meses
I just want a new game 😢 i platinum this one, 😁 my best trophie is requiem for a killer
MusicrazyTony90 Hace 2 meses
Is there a Mod on Steam for the Justice League 3000 skin??
Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus Christ is lord
I got it it looks better than the one in Arkham Origins
Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez Hace 2 meses
I just got arkham collection hopefully I can do what u do
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 2 meses
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">00:53</a> little batman
JTJ Hace 2 meses
I already have this costume at release of the game in 2k15 from pre-order of Collectors Edition(voucher-code come as bonus with Memorial Edt version in EU) because DLC voucher-code with Harley was inside steelbook in my country retailer gave to all Earth 2 Skin 😄😋🤗
Callum Hodgson
Callum Hodgson Hace 2 meses
My new favourite skin
The Jasonator
The Jasonator Hace 2 meses
I dont see the download on the playstation store
MC 667
MC 667 Hace 2 meses
I honestly can’t count how many hours I’ve put into this game
Çipçi Herif
Çipçi Herif Hace 2 meses
Its really good but I think the best is %240 Batman, the Second is Earth 2 Batman
Billnye therussainspy
This arkham game has the best graphics of all of them, they still some how hold up 5 years later
walking corpse49
walking corpse49 Hace 2 meses
I don't see the skin on my playstation what's up with that?
BOSS ROSS Hace 2 meses
It's exclusive to the Epic game store, fucking really? Well at least you can mod it in but that's still pretty fucking retarded. I got it for free a while back but my saves are only on steam plus I'm not gonna reinstall the exact same game again lol.
Lionel Martinez
Lionel Martinez Hace 2 meses
On the 28 nothing happened
Amarel 87
Amarel 87 Hace 2 meses
Yo EA see and learn rockstedy did this so give us a real jedi outfit in fallen order or the red blade or something
Danny Shryock
Danny Shryock Hace 2 meses
I think I know why they gave the earth 2 skin because it 2020 (2) it's kinda obvious
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light Hace 2 meses
Still uploading, you legends. I replayed this game recently and even now you’re committed.
Dominik302 Hace 2 meses
Hey arkham videos i see you love batman games and you good at it i just wanna say congratuations of your famous batman videogame player and youtuber.Have a wounderful life.Good luck for the future
dcds Hace 2 meses
I could not find it in the PlayStation store.
bosshova23 Hace 2 meses
Safe to say this is my favorite channel out there!
ashtonjackfanny Hace 2 meses
spiderman ps4 points and laughs at these graphics like people don't understand the level of detail in spiderman is astounding. just the animations in spiderman ps4 put this game in it's place. the character models in spiderman have millions of polygons batman has 60 thousand polygons. it's an okay looking game with it's flaws hidden in the darkness,the city is incredibly empty nothing to render. just not on the same level as a ps4 exclusive sorry peasants. btw when i'm speaking on arkham knight i'm talking about the PC version is nothing compared to spiderman ps4
Juan Felix
Juan Felix Hace 2 meses
Why you showing so much hate?
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